I'm Riccardo, a Freelance Creative and Design Director based in Amsterdam.

I spent the last 12 and a half years in W+K Amsterdam, growing from a junior role to Associate Creative Director whilst doing great, good and some average global work for brands such as Samsung, Nike, RayBan, Carrera, Corona, Booking.com, Facebook, Instagram, Milka and more. Some of the work won some shiny objects of questionable design. 

As an Associate Creative Director on Samsung, I’ve been responsible for overseeing and managing campaigns, leading creative teams, and maintaining client relationships for the Galaxy A and Galaxy ecosystem range.

I am fortunate to have been offered a highly informative course by Wieden to develop coaching and mentoring skills, which has greatly influenced my team management approach to this day.
I strongly believe in empathy and clear communication, and I strive to support, protect, and challenge the wider team through the work. 
I love to work with teams that are supportive of each other, transparent, higly driven, and open to consider other ways of doing things. 

I aim to create work that is insightful, innovative, embeds in culture, and has a positive impact on the world. 

As a designer and art director at heart, I value the craft at every stage of the creative journey. I thoroughly enjoy immersing myself in the design process, whether it involves static or motion, 2D, 3D or interactive design.

In the early stages of my career, I worked as a Digital Designer and technologist. To this date, I feel at ease when engaging in creative tech conversations and I still very much enjoy experimenting with tech and design tools. I’ve got some Stable Diffusion experiments on the stove, with a side of Cinema 4D & Unreal Engine. Want some?

Who's got two thumbs and coded this beaut?