I’m a senior art director and designer who spent the last 12 years in W+K Amsterdam, currently working as ACD. As such, I normally have full independence and responsibility when it goes down to creative decisions and client management, within the limit of the project I am assigned to.

I believe in the craft at every bend of the creative journey. I love to get deep into the design process, whether that's static or in motion.
I strive to make work that is insightful, that resonates with culture, that shows up in a innovative way, and sometimes that has a positive impact in world. There's a lot of advertsing clutter out there: I do my best not to add to the pile, instead I strive to do work that entertains.

My early steps in the industry were as a Digital Designer and technologist, and I find myself comfortable in creative tech conversations.

I still like to tinker with tech and design tools between things.
I’m a strong believer in empathy as a tool to lead. I try as much as possible to support, protect and challenge the wider team through the work we do. 

When i don’t work, I’m an all around sport enthusiast, a science and tech nerd. 


Who's got two thumbs and coded this beaut?