Milka Biscuit Run

A limited edition board game

Milka’s core values are tenderness and togetherness.
So we wanted to remind everyone that getting together with the people we love most is something that never goes out of fashion.
To do this we created Milka Biscuit Run. A limited edition Board Game.
The game lets everyone play as one of the charming brand’s mascots – The Biscuit Jars – as they attempt reclaim their biscuits on an unforgettable quest that plays out in an Alpine cottage in the fictitious world of Lilaberg, home of every Milka story.

To get fans excited about the launch, a 45-second online film set up the story behind Milka “Biscuit Run” and invited viewers to follow and share the film on Facebook for a chance to win the board game.

There, a series of fun little films gave people a chance to win the limited edition board game just by liking it.

The game rolled out in more than 14 European countries with over 7,000 Milka “Biscuit Run” board games to be won.

Agency: W+K Amsterdam
Copywriter: Muhamed Diaa
Studio Designer: Malia Killings
Illustrator: Marie Thorhauge

CDs: Sebastian Partika and Eduard Olhagary
Producer: Magda Czyz, Soey Lim
Post House: MPC London / Amsterdam
Sound: Wave Amsterdam

Who's got two thumbs and coded this beaut?