Nike Meet Cancer is an employee network dedicated to supporting anyone who
might have been affected by cancer. They support, fundraise, and work on prevention programs.

We've been approached to make MC more visible among Nike employees.
We've been asked to create their new identity, tone of voice and internal campaign. 

The idea

We face it like athletes.

Sport teaches us the same mentality we need to fight cancer.

It teaches us courage in the face of adversity.
It teaches us discipline and determination.
And it teaches us that the stronger our team is, the more likely we are to win.

In this sense, Nike Meet Cancer is not only a support group. It’s a team of athletes.

They rely on each other to face the toughest of challenges together.
Their prevention practices are how they train, survivors are their coaches, and the support for their colleagues is support for their teammates.

Branding assets

Given the subject matter, we decided to inject levity through the art direction.
We created a moltitude of key visuals that came to life in the shape of posters, flayers, gifs, t-shirt and so on, to promote MC inside the Nike campuses world wide.  


Each local network also have a custom badge to indentify themsleves within the global community. 


We really went  to town with stickers and logo animations, that could be used online and on digital screen accross the campuses. 

Movember activation

The first initiative we kicked off with was a fundrasing run.
So we invited everyone to let their staches to do the work, under the battle cry Move that Mo-scle! 

Once again, we created a bunch of lighhearted comms to promote the event. 

Agency: W+K Amsterdam
Art Director: Myself
Copywriter: Jake Barnes
Design and Illustration:  Lucille Fenouill
Motion:  Lewis Beedham
CDs: Evgeny Primachenko, Craig T Williams
Who's got two thumbs and coded this beaut?