Awesome A52s 5g

The new Samsung A52s 5G, with its increased chipset power and bolting 5G speed, is the booster all mobile gamers out there were waiting for.

For the launch, we teamed up with a community of content creators that re-enact punchy familiar gaming tropes on tiktok, and used their wit and humor to talk about the awesome features of the Galaxy A52s 5G. 
In three snappy 15”, we re-enact some iconic gaming tropes in real life, added extra zing and style, and made them part of the awesome Galaxy A world.

In a very Galaxy A fashion, each film is accompanied by a banger that highlights the awesome benefits of the device, for this campaign all the tracks were created in collaboration with Estonian rapper Tommy Cash.

My role:  ACD, Art Director

Agency: W+K Amsterdam
Director: Anna Himma
CDs: Hannah Smith, Edouard Olhagaray
Copywriter:  Dasha Ovechkina

Who's got two thumbs and coded this beaut?