You are the gift

Samsung makes great devices, but it’s the people that complete them.
 In this campaign, we start the new holiday season with a love ballad dedicated to humans. Coming from a fast beating chipset of a lonely lavender Flip phone, the song inspires the whole Samsung ecosystem of products to come to life and celebrate love between the device and the amazing human it wishes to be with this Christmas.

The film is emotional and dramatic, just like teenage love. It’s a heart-warming cyber romcom, that makes you sing along to the iconic love banger “I want it that way” and wonder if somewhere in a Samsung store there’s a Galaxy device that dreams about YOU.

We also collaborated further with the Illustrator who worked on the illustration for the screens and created some animated overly saccharine Holiday cards. 

My role:  ACD, Art Director

Agency: W+K Amsterdam
Director: Matthijs van Heijningen
CDs: Hannah Smith, Edouard Olhagaray
Copywriter:  Dasha Ovechkina 
Post house: Electric Theater Collective ETC
Sound design: Grand Central 

Who's got two thumbs and coded this beaut?