The Galaxy Awesomeship

We've all been there: we drop it, we misplace it, it runs out of battery and… it's panic! This campaign builds on that split second when we envision the worse. It's no news that our devices have become an extension of ourselves, but when it's a trusted Galaxy A that slips from your hand, there’s so much at stake!

The new Galaxy A is built to follow you anywhere, no matter what your creative instict tells you to do. More life companion than gadget, It’s the ideal sideckick to make memories with. It’s not quite like a friendship, but close enough.
So it’s only natural that when being able to use our devices comes under threat, the reaction can be a little… dramatic.

The films open on different moments of jeopardy where the protagoinists fear for the survival of their beloved device. A large scream - “MY GALAXY AAAA…” -  take us in their thoughts, where life spent with their devices flashes before thier and our eyes.

All of these crises are averted or salvaged thanks to the brilliant new features and specs of the Galaxy A54 5G.

Product feature films 15"


Bespoke cuts for shoppable social Ads

These cuts are slightly different, simpler, and perhaps a little sillier than the 15". They were designed to fit naturally within the tone of the platforms, hence the POV caption upfront and more ridiculous cut. 

My role: ACD, full responsability of the project in partnership with Allan Stevenson

Agency: W+K Amsterdam
Creative Director: Riccardo Rachello, Allan Stevenson,
                                      Edouard Olhagaray, Ramona Todoca

Art Director: Christian Baur, Eduardo Fitch
Tyler Andre, Lisa Turner-Wray
Stijn Wikkerink, Tom Dean, Salt Ibraeva
Account Team: Luke Hickey, Stephanie Loucas, Sophie Acquah

Production company: Biscuit Filmworks
Daniel Warwick
Director of Photography:
Jan David Gunther

TrimEditing - Matt Newman, Joey Henshaw

Factory UK
Sound Designer/Mixer:
Jon Clarke, Mark Hills
Electric Theatre Collective

Who's got two thumbs and coded this beaut?