Corona Brush


Complementary display typeface for Corona.

Designed by Tyrsa and developed by Benjamn Blaess.

The idea was to push the traditional handwritten typefaces, with the introduction of soubtle variations, so that every word typed felt unique. Programmatic contextual ligatures, baseline shifts, and of course glyphs variations set a good base system that could be deployed globally preserving consistency of look. 

EA Fame


Typeface and branding for 2017 EA Fifa campaign.

Developed and engineered under my supervision by Colophon foundry.

EA FAME is a modern and graphic take on chiseled glyphs. The treatment took this direction to embody the quest for fame and glory of the Fifa 17 new Story Mode, main usp of the title.
I designed the main set of glyphs myself, then the guys at Colophon helped me to finish the set and engeneer the font.

NIKE Spike


Type designed and developed for a branding system for Nike player Robert Lewandowky.

The idea was to create a typeface that represented the duality of the player himslef, i.e. a gentleman off the pitch and a deadly assassin on the field.
For that reason I wanted the glyphs to be elegant but at the same time bold and edgy, with a certain attitude.

Who's got two thumbs and coded this beaut?