You're On

Second installment of the global platform that celebrates the feeling that a pair of Ray-Bans give you.

In this execution we meet a pinball barfly bashing her way through a game with pure intuition and style.

With a pair of Ray-Bans on, the best way is always your own.  

RayBan Sans Inline and RayBan Sans ON

As part of the launch of the new YOU'RE ON platform, we created a bespoke display typeface. The straight lines and rounded curves and the variety of weights remind of the Ray-Ban range of frames.
The chioce of condesed shapes is to link the new brand typeface to the most iconic Ray-Ban headlines of the past.
The inline vs full is to give visual weight to ON, inspired by vintage ON AIR signs.

Agency: W+K Amsterdam
Director: Frederik Bond
Photographer: Lou Escobar
ECDs: Mark Bernath, Eric Quanoy

Copywriter:  Jake Barnes
Design:  Thomas Payne
Motion:  Gustav  von Platten
Who's got two thumbs and coded this beaut?